asked 2 years ago

Hello. As far as I can tell no new stuff is coming to Design Wall but some of the older products are geting at least bug fixes and compatibility updates. DW Focus is one of them, still maintained?
The latest version from Creative Market changelog is 1.3.9 and the latest version here is 1.3.2 and looks to be slightly newer that that one.
ps: password recovery here isn’t working. I had to log in with Google.
Error: The email could not be sent. Your site may not be correctly configured to send emails. Get support for resetting your password.

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answered 2 years ago

We have updated the version of the DW Focus theme. This is an error about the info. We still update and develop the products. All the products have been updated and worked fine with WP 5.9+.

About the password recovery feature, we will check and fix it as soon as possible.

replied 2 years ago

So, the version on Creative Market was older or the one from here? It should be the same everywhere.

Dominic Staff
replied 2 years ago

Yes, it’s the same everywhere. We have updated here and on Creative Market.

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