Code Cat
asked 4 years ago

I have a few questions regarding the DW help desk theme

  • Are the four plugins included in the bundle up to date or are they several years outdated?
  • Is it true that you can customize it for $50 to look like the design wall site?
  • Is it possible to migrate content from one site using DWQA pro to a new site using DW Helpdesk?
  • this is embarrassing, but are there any discounts coming up?
  • I see that the theme has not been updated for quite some time, why? Are you done with this theme?
1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

1. Yes, we are checking and will update some of the plugins to the latest version or you can let me know the username & password of your site and we will add the plugins to your site.
2. We can help you custom the forum as DesignWall site with $50 is for the style. in the case, you want to get full the layout and style of the DesignWall forum, we can help you with $100
3. Yes, you can use WordPress import plugin or another plugin about the export/import.
4. At the moment, we can not provide discounts. 
5. At the moment, the theme still works fine with the WordPress version. This theme is very clean and simple. We just update the plugins for the theme. 

Aaron Giebel
replied 4 years ago

ok I bought it

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