asked 9 years ago

Perhaps I should start a new thread regarding my last comment here:

11 months ago, Jin said: We do not change our mind about moving to Membership. Actually it will be our next move 🙂 We will soon have an official announcement about this.

Time flies, and I almost forgot about this. Any news regarding moving to membership?

"Get access to our Products for as low as $49 // Become a member and download our entire collection"

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answered 9 years ago

Thanks for your followup. We do have the membership plan in place, however it takes us rather long time than usual, as we have to match with our other internal plan. I wish to update you with more details, however at this phase all I can share is we already work on the core system to include the membership purchase option.
For any new update, we will announce officially on our site. Thanks for your patience.

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