asked 10 years ago

My client Kris Abbey bought this theme today and she sent me 2 files. dw-trendy_1 and dw-trendy_1-1, i installed  dw-trendy_1, the basic theme but i am failing to create the quick start site using dw-trendy_1-1. There are 2 files inside it, A. __MACOSX and B. dw-trendy_1-1. How can I use it?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Liza !
When you download the DW Trendy theme, you will get 2 files: dw-trendy_1.1.4_quickstart.zip and dw-trendy_1.1.4_theme.zip.
You can send me the 2 files that Kris Abbey sent you (via private answer) for further checking.

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