elizabeth harden
asked 9 years ago

Hello. I found a question that relates to mine but the answer only pointed out what the issue is, not how to solve the problem.

So my site, http://www.esharden.com, is built on the Catalyst/Dynamik theme/framework. My Question and Ask Question pages work just fine but the category and tags pages all result in empty pages. Your earlier response was to someone using the Genesis framework and you said he’d need to create custom templates. Can you provide a little more detail in how one might go about that? I’m not an expert but I’m not a total noob either. I think if you just nudged me in the right direction…

Many thanks.

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answered 9 years ago

@Elizabeth harden : hi , first of all , thanks for your interest with our product DW-Question-Answer. Well, i think i need your your Question page to check.
How ever, i think this information will help you too :
You can open file : dw-question-answer\inc\template-functions.php then go to line : 778, you can see these code :

if ( is_tax( 'dwqa-question_category' ) || is_tax( 'dwqa-question_tag' ) || is_post_type_archive( 'dwqa-question' ) || is_post_type_archive( 'dwqa-answer' ) ) {

            global $wp_query;
            $post_id = isset( $dwqa_options['pages']['archive-question'] ) ? $dwqa_options['pages']['archive-question'] : 0;
            if ( $post_id ) {
                $page = get_page( $post_id );
                $this->reset_content( $page );
                return dwqa_get_template( 'page.php' );

It means the category and tag page will fill in the file name page.php ( return dwqa_get_template( 'page.php' ); ). Well, i don’t know how this frame-work work or it’s structure. but that’s my suggestion. if your theme don’t have file ‘page.php’ then the category and tags pages not found.

replied 9 years ago

Actually, after installing the DW-Question-Answer plugin on a local installation of WordPress using a just a regular old theme and no additional framework, the category and tag pages are still empty so it looks like it has nothing at all to do with Catalyst/Dynamik.

I’ve seen other questions regarding empty category pages but I haven’t found any with published answers that solved the problem.

replied 9 years ago

can you provide me name of the theme that you install in local host ?

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