Murat Tekmen
asked 11 years ago

1- I have this problem till when i bought this theme and no one helping me. In the same example link you can see the upper right section, some populer posts in there and their date is wrong!  (01/01/1970) Link

2- Again, the same page.. Above the content title date is like: “2 hours ago”.. I want to change that date into Turkish like “2 saat önce”

3- Google Plus sharing countdown is not working.

if can’t get any support i have to refund my money back since there is no support for this theme and i am willing to pay another freelance coders to fix theme problems like date problem and more.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

This question is been followed up at

Murat Tekmen
replied 11 years ago

And still not answered and not fixed.

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