asked 10 years ago

When writing a post,  there is a section called Post Setting-Select Grid.

I would like to do is this
1.  The First four post will be under “Double – Select Grid” .
2.  the rest will be on single grid.
3. When ever a post is posted, as long as it is the First 3, it will always be on double and when they are not the First Four it becomes “single” again

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answered 10 years ago

Hello Dusty,
Nice suggestion, I will let the development team know and we will consider this feature in other updated version of the plugin 🙂

replied 10 years ago

maybe another thing to add would be this…

an option to have all post to be slim(default) , double or triple.

so the custom would have this

1. slim(default) , double or triple. – (How many post ? XX )
1.1 – If XX=XX+1 , slim(default) , double ?

2. slim(default) , double or triple. (All Post)

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

We wil discuss about this issue in the next version !

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