Davi de Assis
asked 9 years ago

I’m using CDN + CloudFlare and already exclude everything possible from the tools, apps and stuff… and still can’t edit Questions and Answers with the Front-End editor. The DIV goes blank and just returns “undefined” and the content doens’t load for modification.
I already manually updated TinyMCE too, ’cause the latest version has CDN support… but doesn’t work. 🙁
So… how can I fix that?!

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Davi de Assis
answered 9 years ago

Well… I solved the problem in two steps:

1) I removed the current and outdated pt_BR translation files and the “Edit” started to work again. But the text content was not being loaded.

2) So I noticed a conflict with Purple Heart Rating plugin — some kind of ajax and javascript problem, I don’t know. So I used the “Plugin Organizer” tool to disable Purple Heart, Contact Form 7 and some other plugins who uses this same files ONLY in the DWQ&A pages.

Everything is working like a charm now! FINALLY!

But you guys should implement other editor quickly, more lightweight and with image embed support. “AnsPress” and “Sabai Discuss” uses they own editor with this functions and it’s a lot better than TinyMCE.

Oh… and I said it once and I’ll say it again: you guys should make “DW Question & Answer” a lot better, with more functions, like we see here in the support forum and sell as premium plugin… everybody will be glad to pay for this! 😉

Anyway, thanks!

Davi de Assis
replied 9 years ago

Oh… and there’s some words (Open, Seconds e stuff) that I can’t translate because doesn’t loads from the translation file or they don’t even there. 🙁

answered 9 years ago

You are right, that’s our mistake with status of the question. However, don’t worry, we are fixing it and will update in the upcoming version as soon as possible. Please stay tuned and leave a feedback once updated.
Also, if you want to translate the Date/time (second, ago, days, hours,) in the DW Q&A you can open the dw-question-answer.php in the folder path “wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer”. from line 379 to line 418.

Davi de Assis
replied 9 years ago

Great! But, please… include everything in the translation file, so I can update the plugin without lose any work. Thanks! 😉

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Of course ! We will release as soon as possible. If you don’t lose all customizations, please try using a tool here http://www.diffdaff.com/ to enable a direct comparison between two files, folders, or web sites and shows the differences line by line.

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