marc gar
asked 8 years ago


We need to setup a wp site with a Question & Answer, and giving DWQ&A a try.

We need users to register to ask questions.

I see users get registered through WP normal process and access to WP-Dashboard. We don’t want to show this dashboard, how can we show a custom user account? The user account you show in this site I understand comes from other plugins?



2 Answers
answered 8 years ago

I know what you want. In your case, you can Custom WordPress template code and make a page template in your theme and disable anonymously can post a question. and create a link or button on the List question page or ask question page to go to your login page.
If you want I can help you resolve it. However, please send me username & password for your site for further checking and I will help you.

marc gar
answered 8 years ago

Thanks for your response Dominic,

We are now still testing things locally and checking what we need, we are thinking on having a separate installation for Q&A and a separate theme.

I was testing with profile builder, do you know if it plays nicely or any other plugin we can achieve this functionality?

We prefer to achieve this with plugins, since we need to focus on other stuff. However, we will work on custom templates if we need further customization.

Thanks and already loving DWQ&A! awesome work,


dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

You can try some the following plugins:

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