DW Halloween WordPress Plugin

Fun & Free WordPress Halloween Plugin to dress up your site with flying pumpkins added text messages and links. Quick and easy to install.

Wanna dress up your site for Halloween? This WordPress plugin will help you.

DW Halloween is a fun WordPress Halloween Plugin which can create funky flying pumpkins/bats on your website. You can also add text messages or links and use them for Halloween promotions.
The plugin is light and easy to integrate and work on. The back-end is user friendly and you can easily set the number of pumpkins as many as you want, or the size of pumpkins, flying path and wings speed.

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Halloween plugin question
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How does it work
Resolved Jackie Lord answered 11 years ago  • 
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  • Version 1.1
  • Latest Updated September 15, 2014
  • Requirements 3.0+
  • Category WordPress Plugins