Vik Sohal
asked 10 years ago

I followed the steps outlined in the Guide for BuddyPress integration and when I tried to save the functions.php file with the changes, I got the following error:  Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home1/mylaw911/public_html/directory/wp-content/themes/mesocolumn/buddypress/bp-custom.php on line 3
NOTE:  The only thing I did differently from the steps in the Guide was that I had BuddyPress already installed and activated on my website.  Do I need to deactivate and delete BuddyPress and then reinstall it to get things working or is there some other problem?  

replied 10 years ago

i was have this one and + different error when i try use buddypress with dwqa.. now i dont use buddypress.. i think dw qa is great plugin but when try use different plugin sometimes you can get error + some wp themes with dwqa dont work all function.. btw if you can use with all function with no any error dwqa+buddypress please write this topic..

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