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Can someone shed some light on how to do this. Trying to do the integration the plugin in the Typegrid theme. But i have no sidebar and the sidebar is going under the element of the questions.
Can you help us to improve the plugin for our theme with the sidebar at the right side of our webpage.
Thanks for now.

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With the integration guide the same problem

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answered 10 years ago

@Guru ! Thanks for your help, I appreciate it !
@Jeffrey !
Actually Guru got the point, it does relate to the content wrapper of your theme .
You can open the content-start-wrapper.php file then add the following code:

 <div class="main group sidebar-right">
 <div class="content-part">
  <?php if( is_page() || is_archive() ) { ?>
  <div class="page-title">
   <h1><?php _e( 'Question & Answer', 'dw-trendy' ); ?></h1>
  <?php } ?>

– Open the content-end-wrapper.php file, add the following code:

  </div> <!-- end: content-part -->
 <div class="sidebar">
  <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
</div><!-- end: main -->

Hope this helps !

replied 10 years ago

Guru and Dominic, thanks for the help and information. Problem solved.


answered 10 years ago

@Jeffrey, First of all your live link does not work. Secondly, it would depend whether you want the sidebar to show on the side, or you don’t want the sidebar to show at all. 
In case you don’t wan’t it to show at all on question listing pages you need to have the following in the style.css of your dwqa stylesheet: If you have integrated it in theme folder: \wp-content\themes\yourtheme\dwqa-templates\style.css
.list-dwqa-question .widget, .list-dwqa-question .wiget {
display: none;

answered 10 years ago

i want the sidebar of the theme in the sidebar

answered 10 years ago

Dear @Jeffrey,
Its to do with your content wrapper. You need to work on the integration of the plugin in the Typegrid theme. The Content Start Wrapper file has to be matching your theme’s wrapper function.
I can look into it for you but would need access to your ftp. If you want me to look into it, you can send me the details via private answer or else you can wait for the admins here to look into it for you.

replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the info, i will wait first for the admins.

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