Elaine Smith
asked 11 years ago

Hi There,

Where do you recommend to put Analytics’ tracking code?

I’ve put the tracking code at the bottom of every page, but somehow Google is still not reading it.

Thank you, again!



3 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Elaine,

Please visit here to know more information about the adding Analytics’ tracking code:

There are tracking codes very much. So, It may take some days for Google to crawl your website and get the data.

If you still face the issue, please send us your site URL and admin account for further checking.


Elaine Smith
answered 11 years ago

Thank you, Jin.

I actually found a wordpress plug-in to help me with the tracking code installation. It worked, but I do need to keep an eye on the analytics data to see if it’s working.

I hope this comment can be helpful for someone else.

answered 11 years ago

please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Hope this helps !


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