leila lorenzi
asked 9 years ago

Dear sirs,
What is the reason of the page http://blog.kanitz.com.br/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=dwqa-add-answer doesn´t show? or http://blog.kanitz.com.br/dwqa-ask-question/ after I make a question?
Where is the error?
Why I don´t have the layout of a page showned in demo?
See http://blog.kanitz.com.br/topicos-para-discussao/. Where can I managed STATUS?
Best regards

replied 9 years ago

When I managed "status" see what is happening at "answered". Something is missing at style.css, I guess. See http://blog.kanitz.com.br/topicos-para-discussao/?status=open
At page http://blog.kanitz.com.br/?post_type=dwqa-question&p=17765 why the column doesn’t show the popular questions and recent questions that we have already setup at widgets.

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

About this issue, I have checked it and see that perhaps the Action Hooks have intervened to content. Help me check your site, please. If still face there issue, you can restore Account that you sent on the previous answer. I will check it.

replied 9 years ago

What do you mean "restore acc"? We continue face the problems.

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Please send me uesername & password of your site. I will check and fix it.

replied 9 years ago

Please, help me with "status" and category, They are not working as well.
I have already sent login and password 7 days ago in a private question. Can you get it?

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

I have helped you resolve this issue, you can check your site.

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

You can try the following solution:

  • Open the /dw-question-answer/inc/lib/recaptcha-php/recaptchalib.php file on line 106
    change this:
    function recaptcha_get_html ($pubkey, $error = null, $use_ssl = false)

function recaptcha_get_html ($pubkey, $error = null, $use_ssl = true)

  • Have you tried to log in to Dashboard > Settings > permalinks and change to the Default then change to the Post name.
  • Please add the following code to the style.css file to change layout of a page:
 .dwqa-list-question .filter li {
    float: none !important;
     width: auto !important;
 .dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success {
     color: #fff !important;
     background-color: #5cb85c !important;
     border-color: #4cae4c !important;

 .dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success:hover, .dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success:focus, .dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success:active, .dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success.active, .open .dropdown-toggle.dwqa-container .dwqa-btn-success {
     opacity: 1!important;
     color: #fff;
    background-color: #47a447!important;
     border-color: #398439!important;
 .dwqa-list-question .filter .status-open a {
     color: #fd8345 !important;
 .dwqa-list-question .filter .status-replied a, .dwqa-list-question .filter .replied a {
     color: #1ba1e2 !important;
 .dwqa-list-question .filter .status-resolved a, .dwqa-list-question .filter .resolved a {
     color: #578824 !important;

If you still face there issue, you can send me username & password of your site (via private answer) for further checking.

Hope this helps !

answered 9 years ago

@leila lorenzi : hi , about the Recaptcha problem, it’s the conflict between plugin : CM Tooltip Glossary and DW-QA on reCAPTCHA of google. i think you can try use another plugin to test that : can CM Tooltip Glossary compatible with reCAPTCHA of google? . Deactive the plugin CM Tooltip Glossary can help DW-QA work correctly.

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