asked 11 years ago

How can I custom the size (width) for a post (box) at the homepage?

I want to have some posts in a bigger preview size at the homepage (DW Wall). For example the size over two columns like you did it with the first post at your demo page.

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viet tran
replied 8 years ago

I’ve just download and get the free version of the WallPress and find this Guide

4 Answers
answered 11 years ago

1. Please login into your WordPress administration and go to the post you want to change the size.
Scroll to the custom field section which you find it right below the rich editor and enter a new custom field. (see screenshot 1)

2. Give the custom field a name “grid” and enter the value to “double”.

3. Save the new “grid” custom field.
4. Next time you want to apply the same setting for another post, your custom “grid” field is available in the drop down box as shown in the screenshot.

answered 11 years ago

In addition to the above answer, as of WordPress version 3.1, some screen options on the Post & Page edit Administration Panels are hidden by default. Custom Fields are hidden by default if they have not been used before. On the Post screen, open up Screen Options on the right side at the top, and make sure Custom Fields checkbox is selected.

answered 11 years ago

I have same question as well. Can anyone let me know how to get to the custom field? Thank you very much.

replied 11 years ago

I got it. Sorry I didn’t read the above reply carefully. Thank you very much.

answered 10 years ago

@halansgmail-com! Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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