Denzil Musumba
asked 9 years ago

I did transfer my theme using Filezilla and when I unpacked the zip file and activated the new theme , it brought funny codes and also says the theme is installed and missing stylesheet and template.
Please help cos I have removed it and gone back to the old version. Reason the codes appear on my dashboard, footer and on all posts in the live site

1 Answers
well wisher
answered 9 years ago

check your dowanloads section in download the latest version and upload it to your server as simple as that

Denzil Musumba
replied 9 years ago

I did that but when I activate the theme, It says stylesheet and templete missing, also there’s funny codes on the dashboard and on all my posts. So I had to remove it and reactivate the old version.

Thanks for your help though

well wisher
replied 9 years ago

i think its the issue of improper archiving of the file did you tried to extract your theme folder on local computer it should extract to give a folder with the theme name and that folder should contain the theme files in it and not a folder with a theme name itself
what i mean is it should be as follows:
theme zip>>extract>>theme folder>>files and not
theme zip>>extract>>theme folder>>theme folder(again)>>files

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