Cosmin Corcoveanu
asked 10 years ago

Hello there
I have two questions regarding DW Focus:
I’ve uploaded a banner (770 x 90) in the header (using the code you provided within a text widget) and replaced the destination url with one of my choice. The banner is displayed correctly but:
1. When I click the banner I get a 404 “Page not found”. Can you tell me why? What have I done wrong?
2. How can I customise the 404 “Page not found” page design (More precisely, I want to replace “FOCUS” logo which appear in lower right corner with my logo).
Thank you

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago
  1. To resolve the issue of 404 Page not found when you click the banner. Add the following code to the text widget.

    <pre data-dw-comment="tV9o9"> <div class="ads-770"><br></br>    <a class="ads-thumb" href="Your Link" title="Multi Grids Responsive with JigoShop"><img src="Your Image Link" /><br></br></div>

    Replace this link "Your Link" with your own link.

    1. If you want to change logo in the 404 page of the DW Focus. Please replace the logo-404.png image in the folder path "wp-contentthemesdw-focusassetsimg"
       With your logo image.
      Hope this helps!
Cosmin Corcoveanu
replied 10 years ago

Problems solved. Thanks for your quick support.

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