Dustin Cabeal
asked 10 years ago

I’m on the DW Focus theme and currently can only use the right side bar. Whenever I try to use the left sidebar it looks like the attached picture. It may be hard to tell, but the design line doesn’t adjust to the content like it does on the right. You can see how that looks at comicbastards.com (my site) Any help fixing this would be great.
Screenshot (504)
sube fotos


1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Thanks for reaching out to us!
To resolve this issue, please follow the jetpack’s guideline in the Blog article on how to use Edit CSS here. http://designwall.com/blog/using-jetpack-custom-css-for-your-wordpress-site/
After that, just add the following code to the Edit Css.

.left-sidebar #main > .container > .row {
    background-position: 360px center;

Save it to see how that goes and let us know the result. If you have anything else, feel free to drop us a comment below, my friend 🙂
Hope this helps !

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