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We first installed the free version of DWQA and then changed to the Pro Version. In the first place we did not deinstall the free version before installing the PRO version. Later we deinstalled the free version and pro version and installed the PRO Version again. But as all our data (questions etc.) did appear again once we installed the PRO version again, I assume the Plugin has not been deinstalled properly. Can you advise how to deinstall properly and making sure there are not old data left on the server? We have deinstalled using the backend (not the FTP client).
We have currently several issues with the plugin and I assume the unclean deinstallation might be the reason. e.g. Once we try to change the page titles of Plugin URLs:  /dwqa-questions/ , /dwqa-user-profile/, /dwqa-ask-question/ it´s breaking the whole internal linking
Looking foward to your reply.
All the best,

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answered 3 years ago

In this case, you can use the following plugin:
Or remove the data from the PHPmyadmin. 
about the breaking the whole internal linking issue, you can send me the username & password of your site for further checking.

answered 3 years ago

Hi Dominic,
did you already had a chance to check on our site, if all data have been removed properly? As we have deinstalled and reinstalled twice already (as the plugin had several issues and was not working properly at all) we would really prefer you to check, whether all data have been removed properly.
It would be great, if you could give us feedback as soon as possible!
Many thanks,

answered 2 years ago

Yes, we have checked your site and helped you remove all the data, you can check your site now.

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