Gavin Dee
asked 10 years ago

Few more questions
In the ‘MORE!’ section.

  1. Can you randomize the posts in sidebar?
  2. The text in the side bar posts are getting cut off at edges.
  3. Can you remove the border / padding for the sidebar?
2 Answers
Kido D
answered 10 years ago

Hi Gavin,      
Thanks for asking, we will update this in next versions.
For now, in order to put the pagination in the theme, you can open up the index.php file in themes/dw-gamez, find the code below (around line 28):

 <?php if(!is_home()) dw_gamez_pagenavi( '<i class="icon-angle-left"></i>', '<i class="icon-angle-right"></i>' ); ?>

and change it into this:

 <?php dw_gamez_pagenavi( '<i class="icon-angle-left"></i>', '<i class="icon-angle-right"></i>' ); ?>

  In the ‘MORE!’ section:    
1. Please open up the widgets.php file in themes/dw-gamez/inc folder, find the DW_Widget_Posts_Carousel class (around line 432):

* Posts_Carousel widget class
class DW_Widget_Posts_Carousel extends WP_Widget {

and change it to the code in the link here:
After that, you’ll have an option to randomize the posts in sidebar:        

2&3. You can go to Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Custom Code, and add the code below to Header Code section:  

/* The text in sidebar posts */
.widget_posts_carousel .row {
margin: 0;
/* Remove border/padding for the sidebar */
@media (min-width: 1024px) {
#secondary {
padding: 0;
#secondary .widget {

  Hope that helps!

Gavin Dee
replied 10 years ago

That was perfect! Everything worked! Thank you very much!!!

Gavin Dee
answered 10 years ago

That was perfect! Everything worked! Thank you very much!!!

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