Andy Smith
asked 8 years ago

Hi there,
Like your plugin! Have “Anonymous” allowed to post questions, but the message “Sorry, but nothing matched your filter. Please Login to submit question.” comes up when the filter returns no questions.
I don’t want people to have to register on the site (and registering is currently disabled). Is there any way to remove or change this message?
Many thanks

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

If you want to remove the message, you can add the following code to the style.css file
.dwqa-list-question .not-found { display: none; }
Also, if you want to change the message, you can open the filter.php file in the folder path “wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer\inc”. Find the line 100 – 103.
+ Open the archive-question-notfound.php file in the folder path “\plugins\dw-question-answer\inc\templates\default”. Find the line 14.
Hope this helps !

Andy Smith
replied 8 years ago

Hi Dominic,Thanks for the reply. Using display:none; will also remove the rest of the not found message – I was hoping to only remove the “Please login…” part.If I edit the plugin files, I assume this will need to be done again when the plugin is updated?CheersAndy

Dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Hi,At the moment, you only possible edit in the files. If you don’t want to lose all changes that you customized, before updating the latest version, please mark and copy all files that you edited, then update to the version.After finishing, you add all customized code to your theme.

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