asked 8 years ago

 I currently have 4 pages (home, portfolio, pricing, contact). My homepage is set to display ‘social wall’ and the other 3 pages are custom pages. I need to add a 5th page however when I do so, my homepage no longer displays the social wall. Instead it displays a mixture of all my other pages.
Please could you advise?

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answered 8 years ago

Hello Bo !
 Apologies for the delay in replying to you.  Please send me your site for further checking.

replied 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply. i have managed to sort the problem out after a lot of trial and error!

I had assigned my home page to posts page aswell as static page which it didn’t seem to like. Working fine now posts page is unassigned.

Dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Hi Bo !
I think you have resolved the issue. I appreciate it !

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