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asked 1 year ago

I have a question please. How works this support? It says here that: “Our developers check this page every day for questions and concerns in order to improve your experience with DesignWall, the Home of WordPress.
I have here question a few days without a answer from DW (here). I don’t have also any response to my e-mail from last week.
This is the “Premium Technical Support“?
I’m new here, but better support is for free plugins and themes than here.

replied 1 year ago

I have checked your previous question and fixed your question. Right now, you can download the DW Focus 2 from your profile. Sorry about that, my friend.

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answered 1 year ago

Jan – thanks for posting your comment.
We are experiencing the same issues. We’ve had another simple question go unanswered/unresolved for almost 5 days now. It appears no one cares about us who have paid for this theme and product. I do not understand the lack of professional replies and timeliness in responding to our questions and need for help in order to get our sites presentable to the public for an official launch. #BadBusiness

replied 1 year ago

Yes, I know what you want. I will help you check and make it now. As I wrote in the previous answer, I will help you custom the theme with some fee.

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