sean chen
asked 10 years ago

Given Q2A is an open source project, can the team of DWQA list the potential benefits of using DWQA?
I first came to DWQA in a mind set that it is an out-of-box wordpress plug-in (which is attractive), but I realized that Q2A has a wordpress plug-in as well.
Can the DWQA team give me some guidance? My goal is trying to have as much feature as possible in the long run (therefore, Q2A’s open source model attracts me), and hopefully have as least trouble as possible in the long run (which the DWQA’s paid model attracts me)
Many thanks,

Dang Tuan
replied 10 years ago

I’ve been using Q2A ( ) for years and I know we can integrate Q2A with WP. But I’ve never heard that Q2A has a wordpress plug-in. Can you give me the link of the plugin you’ve mentioned?

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Hi Sean,
DW Question and Answer is a WordPress plugin and for WordPress. Meanwhile Q2A is an open source. It depends on your use purpose whether to choose our plugin or Q2A.
What kind of features are you looking for a Q&A site? The core of our plugin is already feature rich, however we intend to develop more and more add-on to support and extend the usability of the core.

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