Ratchaphol Srichandrabhandhu
asked 10 years ago

here is my website : http://socialmediamarketing.tips/
i already got your code at Themeforest on “how to remove the metro grid filter”
the problem i found after i remove it was, the text and the picture cant go well together. The text is hard to read even i use optimum color font
and the picture didn’t looks good too.
Now i change to filter mode, put my best effort to set the best filter for the site now.But i still dont like it
I want my website design to be “FLAT DESIGG”, so gradient does not suits me. 
Here is what i need your help
1.) What do you suggest me to do? I still want a metro grid to feature important article, but still want it to looks good without filter (images will be all flat design in future)
2.) Do you have better way to display it? like have some background for text? so text and picture can be read or seen easily
this is example of background for text
Ratchaphol S.
Founder of Social Media Marketing Tips

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