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asked 10 years ago

I am using the twenty twelve theme, since there are so many experts here perhaps you can help me out!
Let’s say I public 5 posts on my blog, in each post there is 1 picture added above the content.
Now I want to automatically and randomly have those 5 images link to 5 different sites that I have chosen.
So let’s say a visitors enters my site, he sees 5 posts and 5 images,
image of post 1 links to google
image of post 2 links to yahoo
image of post 3 links to blink
image of post 4 links to fox news
image of post 5 links to cnn
now when that visitor refreshed that page, I would like for those images to automatically change the site links so it’s not in order, so instead that post 5 is cnn it will be of fox news.. with every site refresh it changed according the site links I have chosen in my so called “database”
Thanks for anyone who knows how to do it!

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Unfortunately, We just support with our products.

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