asked 10 years ago

Hello Team,

Can you integrate a good Review mechanism into the DW Focus Theme ? Or guide me how Can I do it?


3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Mike,
Can you tell me more about the Review Mechanism that you want to have? Would appreciate if you can give us sample of it. Besides, there are quite number of rating and comment plugins which can work with our theme Focus.


answered 10 years ago

I am not looking for a plugin. Just wanted to know if you can implement review system. For example: http://themes.industrialthemes.com/?theme=flavor


this theme shows +tive, negatives, editor rating, user rating and then below this box, an extended review.

Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Dear Mike,
Sadly that even though we have tried our best to support you and answer all your questions, but everything seems to be on fire for you and it was hard to corporate with us in solving the issues. We have issued the refund and you will receive the money back soon.
We didn’t expect this outcome, however we have to close down your case.


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