sandra jakovljevic
asked 9 years ago


in the previous my questions which i put you didn`t answer anything

ok, i found out man who make all that.

Now he change only colors and website don`t have same look in all browser at all.

What you suggest – how to fix that?

And the second one,

fw accorging – tabs and  news slider – dont work at all!! and I do the same thing like you in your video at
Can you help me to fix that issue?

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hello Sandra Jakovljevic !

If you want to change the color your site, please log in to Dashboard > Theme > Customize. Add the following code:


.news-slider .carousel .carousel-inner .entry-category {
color: #...;
Font-family: ...;
background: #...;

.news-slider .carousel-list .other-entry a {
color: #999;

.news-slider .carousel-list .other-entry {
border-left-color: #EE3224;

.news-slider .carousel .carousel-inner .entry-title a {
color: #FFF;



/*Most recent features*/


nav-tabs > .active > a:before, .nav-tabs > .active > a:hover:before {
border-top-color: #FFF;

.nav-tabs > .active > a, .nav-tabs > .active > a:hover {
background: #EE3224 !important;
color: #FFF;


See :

you can choose the color here
Let me know if this works for you.

2. please send for me your site for further checking.

Hope this helps !

sandra jakovljevic
replied 9 years ago

Hi DOminic,

sandra jakovljevic
answered 9 years ago

Sorry my mistake.

Hi Dominic,


thank you for you replay but that is not solutions for me.

I make changes trough css template and css responsibility but when i make change of this elements:

.desktop .top-news background
#secondary .widget.latest-news .widget-title:before
.border top color
font from helvetit to trubuchet
#colophon.dark #site-tools

all changes was be in order from black to blue #0C6290 (which is my color of logo)

now all browser see my website differently so that dont works.
I dont understand why?

In order of what you type
when to put css in customize ?

i send you pic how mu customize look like

if i put in appearance / editor / style.css is empty
i send pic of that
when i put your code nothing happend!!

Its seem complicate but its not, i just want to change all element color from black to blue 🙂 and i do this million times but in this case dont work, all what you make (which is great work) i can used to simple change element.

So please if you can give me some another solutions for this color changes.

Thanks in advice Dominic.



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