Farah Naz
asked 2 years ago

I am using DW Question answer pro plugin… I am using a profile builder plugin for registration/login… But after getting registered when I try to login directly from Answer/Question page… Then nothing happens though I registered myself but it didn’t allow me to login myself… Because the login is from DW Question answer plugin… Maybe that’swhy.. If yes then where is the Registration Form for DW Question answer plugin??? Can you prvide shortcode of that… Kindly explain in a brief way… Waiting for your generous response…

1 Answers
answered 2 years ago

At the moment, we are using the login/register default of WordPress, you can create the dwqa-templates/styles/default folder in the wp-content/themes/your-theme folder. Then copy/paste the login-form.php file from the wp-content/dw-questions-answer-pro/templates/styles/default folder into dwqa-templates/styles/default

And now, you can open the login-form.php file to edit the login form or insert your login/register shortcode.

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