kaustubh patel
asked 6 years ago

First of all thanks for creating such a beautiful plugin. I am using your plugin on my website since last one year and it is working perfectly.
Next, I will be happy if you help in resolving below queries.

  1. Your Filter is not working perfectly. Though I filter the data for the unanswered questions it keeps me showing answered queries also.
  2. The page gets refreshed on sorting or filtering the questions. Why? Can’t we sort or filter then question without refreshing the complete page?
  3. How to remove sidebar from Answer. You can find the live example here.
  4. How to remove the title from breadcrumb. For the live example, you can refer the link given in point 3.
  5. How to show the Category, Visibility and Tag on the right side ( as on your website)

Thanks in Advance,

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

1, 3 , 4 ,5/ Please send me username & password of your site for further checking. We will check and help you resolve it.
2/ Yes, the plugin does not support to filter the question as you mentioned here. 

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