Stephen Nash
asked 8 years ago

Hi There,
Ive been trying to find the answer to this but nothing sticks out as an answer.
I have 7 tables in a database stored on my local host outside of the wordpress database. As far as I can tell the wpDatatables plugin can connect to this database?

Secondly all the tables are joined by relationships. I want to use this app in places to pull data from multiple tables. ie. SELECT "table1"."x", "table2"."y" FROM "Table1", "Table2" WHERE… I gather that this is also possible?

Upon callin the multi table query I may want to update some fields and save it back to the respective tables. Is this possible? (This is what I couldnt work out).

If it isnt possible how hard would it be for me to change the plug-in myself?

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

@Stephen Nash : Hi, i think all your request is possible , with the help of wpDatatables plug-in you can query out data from multiple table to build a table you want in wordpress database. They allow you to edit the fields before creating that table too.You can refer to this link

Watch the video can help you imagine how it work.

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