christian gibson
asked 9 years ago

Hi Wellwisher

About a year ago you answered a question about how to register ‘doctors’ and ‘patients’ with different registration forms. You said: "…. but you can create different registration forms by using these plugins and place them on two different pages using shorcodes then set up a page for registration with two columns one asking are you a doctor? and other are you a patient? and drop links to the respective user registration pages you set earlier".
I want to register ‘investors’ and ‘pilots’ (see p2p4u) on my site with different forms. How would I set up a page with 2 columns asking are you a pilot? are you an investor? and then ‘drop links’… (I don’t understand what you mean by ‘drop links’)

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answered 9 years ago

@hi i think he mean you can use plug in contact formm 7 :

or some plugin can help you to create register form : …etc

I think he mean you can use the Contact form 7 to create form with short code, then place the short code in 2 different page. Then ( maybe in home page ), you can create a block ( Page builder ) that have 2 buttons : one is register as investors, two is register as pilots and add the link to the page uses to register those role.

To register an user you can read more here :

BTW , there are plenty ways to archive your goal, in my opinion , i think i i’ll try some custome code in the theme.

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