Bruce Hrabak
asked 10 years ago

My Blogs Do Not Open When Using Chrome, IOS, Firefox on smartphone. The blog slider shows up but when you click it it does not pop up or open the blog in a new page. Also all of the shortcodes to edit team, testimonials etc is not visible in the page editor window.

Saad Ali
replied 10 years ago

I have the same problem. Disabling the pop-up post in Appearance > Customize fixed the problem for me.

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Thanks for your helps !

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

– Regarding the Blog issue, can you please send me your site for further checking?
– “Also all of the shortcodes to edit team, testimonials etc is not visible in the page editor window.”
Yes, we saw this issue and it comes from WordPress version 3.9.  At the moment, we made DW Page theme compatible with the latest WordPress 3.9.1 with bug fixes. Could you please download the updated version? This will help you resolve the problem.

Sally Flewelling
replied 10 years ago

I'm running WordPress 3.9.1 and I'm having a similar problem on iOS7. Neither the slider for blog posts or the project posts pops up properly. I've taken two screenshots to show what displays when I've clicked on the projects and on the blog sliders – nothing at all happens on the blog posts 🙁 I've also checked my site against your demo site on iOS7. The DW PAge modern demo ( exhibit the same problems that appear on my site too! Thanks for your help, Sally

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Thank you for interesting in our product and your feedback. We appreciate it.
I sent and notified our technical team about this problem. We are check and fix this issue as soon as possible.

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