Denzil Musumba
asked 11 years ago

my menu is well placed.. Thanks for installing quick instal to my wp..That was quick and I appreciate alot. Great support

Denzil Musumba
replied 11 years ago

Hello support, I think my Theme is incomplete because I have watched all the tutorials and some features are just missing… Imagine I have edited my footer by setting up different menus and has appeared on all other pages but NOT on the home page. Also when you select home it takes forever to open but when you click other pages everything is fine. Remember my host servers are perfect and other websites hosted there are in great speed. Please help me. Also I just cant fine your tutorial on how to upload video media library. Am open for remote assistance. Thanks

replied 11 years ago

Hi Denzil,
Please provide us your site URL and admin account for further checking.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Denzil !
I think you have resolved this issue in your site.

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