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See now i started from scratch and got away from the stylepress, and here when i tought i was done and just went over the whole site, WordPress once again hit me in the head with a big fat Nooo B**** you aint done yet..
and this time with a Mystic secret sidebar from HELL, 
Man i dunno what the heck i should call this problem, i got a sidebar appearing on the question & answering page and it dont want to go away, i can remove the sidebar on the single post page, but not on the freaking question & answering page, Why do i get weird problems like these i tought finally im done with my homepage, but noo WordPress strikes again and this time with a mystic wtf problem, and ya since its you guys there made this awesome question plugin i figured you must have run across something like it before, but now its me there are sitting with the problem properly not, i always get those sci fy wtf problems with a fantasy twist on top of it…  Why is it allways me?
Mystic secret sidebar

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answered 6 years ago

In this case, I think the single.php file included the sidebar position. You can send me the code in the single.php file for further checking or you can provide the username & password of your site. 
Also, you can create the single-dwqa-question.php file in your theme folder to custom for the single question.

replied 6 years ago

I started on something new with divi, and i prob guess im gonna end up in the same problem there, but i guess that time it will tell,

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