asked 11 years ago

I have this widget added in my Home Content area, under my News Slider.  i have it set to display content from a single category called “Video” and the post format is set to Video.  I have it set to show 15 posts, and the interval is set at 4 seconds.


All of the posts are videos, yet when you look at the carousel, only the first post shows the video icon in the upper lefthand corner of the image.  Why is this?

There is a date stamp under the title, how do I edit the format?  Or if I want to remove it, how do I remove this?

The carousel advances every 4 seconds, but at the bottom of the widget is a 0 and 1 (this lets you manually advance) but is somewhat redundant as the widget has the nice semi transparent arrows at either end of the visible posts.  How do I remove the 0 and 1 at the bottom?



1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

I think all the problems are due to place incorrectly position the “DW Focus: News Carousel” widget. Currently, the DW Focus: News Carousel widget does not support this position. you can put the DW Focus: News Carousel widget in the Bottom widget.


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