Christian Johnson
asked 11 years ago

Design Wall Support,

I have recently implemented the DW-Focus theme for a customer at

The web server that this site runs on hosts many WordPress sites that come up very quickly. We have run our full performance optimization routine with the DW-Focus theme for this site, yet the PHP parsing time still tends to be very slow, and is measurable in Firefox via Firebug. Activating other themes for this site shows there are no performance issues using other templates.

Considering all possible steps for optimizing server/WordPress performance have been taken, I need to know how to resolve the performance issues in our DW-Focus theme. I am happy to provide additional information/access to administration site so that you can re-produce the issue. Some examples of “slow loading” are easily seen when loading article pages such as:

(and measurable in Firefox).

I appreciate your support and look forward to resolving this issue in a timely manner.

Thank you,


2 Answers
Christian Johnson
answered 11 years ago

The 48 hour reply time frame has passed. As a paying customer I would hope a reply would be issued soon.

answered 11 years ago

To resolve this problem, you can use the plugin W3 Total Cache.
please search the plugin here :


Christian Johnson
replied 11 years ago

It is already being used. As I mentioned, there is a template PHP performance issue not a web performance issue. We already use that plugin with a host of other methods.

Sandeep Singh
replied 10 years ago

Need an update on this issue ? Site loads very slow :

Which plugin to use : W3 Total cache or WP super cache ? Please help

Jackie Lord
replied 10 years ago

@Christian Johnson: Did you try using the latest version of DW Focus?

@Sandeep Signh: Both plugins are recommended! You can choose one of them.

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