asked 11 years ago

Hello! I was needing some help with a blog that I’m trying to make on WordPress with the DW Minion theme. I was trying to fiddle around (even though I don’t know anything about CSS, HTML, etc), trying to install Facebook commenting. I copy-pasted some code that the Facebook app for FB commented generated into my comments.php, and that worked fine. But then I pasted some javascript code that was also generated into the header.php for some stupid reason, and activated that. I realized my mistake, deleted the script, but I think that there’s still remnants of my dumb mistake, because soon after that, my website suddenly stopped scrolling down! I can’t scroll down on any of my pages; and I’ve tried in multiple browsers. Can anyone give advice/help? I already looked into this “overflow:hidden” business from reading some forums, but I tried editing that and it doesn’t seem to help.

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answered 11 years ago

Sorry! My website is here. I know that there are some ways that I can copy-paste the code onto a site so that people can take a look at it/test it out, so just let me know if I would have to do that!

Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

I have accessed your website and to what I saw, the scroll function worked properly. I tested on Chrome, Firefox (on both iOS and Windows).

Please send me your site admin account via email at [email protected] and I will look further into it.

To prevent similar issues, my suggestion is that you should not customize and change directly on Minion theme, rather you should create a sub theme (child theme). Here is the instruction:

For the files that you want to customize, simply copy and paste the theme’s original files into your child theme folder.

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