Tunc Satiroglu
asked 10 years ago

When I switich the Plus Menu setting to “Last articles today” I can only display 48 or 51 items (16 or 17 rows). If I add more posts and a certain threshold is passed, the plus menu pane does not close completely and part of it covers the top of the slider. If I keep it at 48 items or less, the plus menu pane operates just fine. This might sound ridiculous but I post around 60 reports each business day and I was wondering if it is possible to be able to display all of them on the plus menu pane. Kind regards

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Tunc, 
To resolve this issue please add following code to Custom wp_header in Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Custom code 

@media (min-width: 980px) {
.desktop .top-news .dropdown-menu {
margin-top: -2000px;

Hope this helps!

Tunc Satiroglu
replied 10 years ago

Adding to header didn’t work but I installed jetpack and added the code to css editor under Apperance and it works now. Thank you

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