Hannes Dolde
asked 8 years ago

am looking for the best solution for a project.
currently “DW answers” vs “CM Answers”
> key features needed <
I need to provide the functionality of adding several questions (admin only) > to individual posts. <
these questions are then answered and discussed by the community > within this post. <
for each question the user can then add his > personal conclusion (private) <
A > list of all questions and the personal conclusion < is viewable within the user profile.
im not so much concerned about displaying the right questions and answers for a post
– i assume most of this could be achievable by manually displaying based on tags and or topics? haven’t had a deeper look at the documentation yet, but im sure its possible.
More importantly i would like to keep the workflow as intuitive as possible as well as clearly structured
> I prefer to manage questions directly within the respective post backend (one step) <
and NOT having to create them centralized, saving and THEN linking them to the post (two steps)
I would be fine with creating questions central and selecting the containing post via a dropdown menu
(maybe filtered by post types)
is it be possible to > create a question from within a post / page / custom post type <
guess the important part is that they are linked to a specific post
and there can be a conclusion linked to the user
P:S: i just saw “DW Q&A embedded questions” in the topics -that sounds promising – will have a look
thanks for reading
and providing help

Mauro Paravano
replied 8 years ago

Just FYI, I bought cm answers…. such a waste of money 🙁
I’m not saying that dwqa is the best in the world (as I m still struggling to make it work on my website) but is so far the best I could find.

replied 8 years ago

Hi Mauro Paravano,

Thanks for your feedback. Please provide us more details about your trouble with DW Q&A, we’ll help you to solve it.

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