Resmyrranda Gee
asked 7 years ago

I just installed this plugin and got it all configured. BUT on this page enter link description here the green Ask Question button top right, isn’t clickable. The bottom one is. I tried disabling plugins, no dice. I also tried reinstalling it. Thank you:)

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

@Resmyrranda Gee : hi, i’ve check your site and the problem is the your theme base style affect on the Question Status filter that make it lies in front of the button so you can’t click it. To resolve this problem, you can open your file : <Your Theme>/Style.css and add this code to the bottom of it :

.dwqa-btn { z-index: 22!important; }
replied 7 years ago

THANK you Allen that totally worked!:) whew I’m done looking for q and a plugins now! 🙂

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