Joel Prendes
asked 11 years ago

Hello there – I chose the Focus theme due to its simplicity, and I’m really happy with it overall.

One question, though – I’ve customized my Pages and they are more or less where they need to be.

But I’ve also started doing some blogging, using the Posts. I know I can find these on the direct links in each entry, but how can I add a blog section to the site? I guess I mean how can I send people directly to blog posts page with all entries on it, and how can I ensure that blog entries are being searched for SEO purposes.

My business field is pretty competitive and loads of people will be repeating things on their sites to get up on SEO, so I’d like to just be able to have simple web pages and constantly hit that blog with new information that will hopefully boost be up a bit more organically.

(pardon my ignorance on all things SEO and blog related)

3 Answers
answered 11 years ago

To create a blog posts in the DW Focus, please follow our instruction:
Step 1: You can log in to Dashboard > Pages > Add new
In the Page Attributes pane on the right hand side, select the template as blog.
See the screenshot:
And then you can go to Appearance > Menu, add blog page to the menu.

Joel Prendes
answered 11 years ago

Sorry, only coming back to this now. I’ve been really thick and posted the wrong DW site: I’ve not purchased focus at but rather DW Page, the single-page site. So when I go to assign the template of Blog, it is not available as a drop-down selection – only “Landing Page” or “Default Template”

Can you let me know how to get these posts showing on Page?

answered 11 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion.

Currently my DW Page theme does not yet support to create a Blog page. However, We will have a meeting with our technical team next week and maybe, we will develop an updated version for DW Page in the near future.

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