Mayumi Okpora
asked 3 years ago

I just bought this theme and trying to upload this theme to WordPress, but the error is shown.
I tried off WAF and all other plug-in but still doesn’t work.

My environment is Mac OS Big Sur / Mac book Pro / on Chrome.
Also, the documentation looks broken.
I can’t go anywhere from index.

Please kindly check about it. Thank you.

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

Please create an account on our site then let me know. We will add the latest version for you.

replied 3 years ago

I’ve created an account under “niteandday_kai” name. Thank you.

Dominic Staff
replied 3 years ago

You can check your profile now. I have added the DW timelinepro for you

replied 3 years ago

It’s worked!! I’m so excited to make contents with it. Thank you 😉

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