asked 11 years ago

I cannot seem to figure out how to set up the related posts wordpress feature I see under the Focus Demo on your site.  I have checked the videos and just tried trial and error.

Hopefully you can point out how to set this up. and I hope there is a way to select the related posts.  My website runs a lot of article series.

as a side note my news site also has tutorials and articles that are sort of timeless.  I’m curious if you have ever thought of setting up one of your widgets to randomly pull posts from a specified section so that people could easily get viewers to see old content that they might still find usefull.

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Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

Hi Lucas,
Great thanks to you for your good contribution.
We will add Related Post options to the next version of DW Focus.
At the moment, we are using WP_Query to find similar articles. You can edit this at file /wp-content/themes/dw-focus/single.php

However, in your case, I recommend you using plugin: Organize Series as related post is taken accidentally.

In regards of displaying random post, you can use plugin: Query Posts to take an article out of sidebar by accident.


Nick Gidwani
replied 11 years ago

Was this ever added? I also can’t figure out how to add Related Posts.

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