asked 10 years ago

On the full width page, you can see the sidebar line cutting though the content. How do I remove this line on the side, and the three lines in the center?

I’m not interested in using any widgets or sidebars.

1 Answers
Kido D
answered 10 years ago

Hi Timo,
To remove the three lines in the center, please go to Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / General Settings, and add this code below to Header Code section:

.site-header #header {background:none;}

About the sidebar line, you can go to your profile and download the latest version of DW Focus theme (v1.0.5) which already supports Full Width option (no sidebar line) on the Attributes tab in Page editor screen:

In case you don’t want to update the theme, please add the following code to Header Code section to remove the sidebar line:

#main>.container>.row {background: none;}

Hope that helps!

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