TELL Communications Limited
asked 10 years ago

What I am looking for:
– A responsive news theme.
– I do not want to use DW Focus “as its already being used for a Sister Website”
– I want something whereby I can:
    1. As good as DW Focus but completely different
    2. Allows for integration of an automated Advert placement by clients
    3. Easily allows for e-payment integration to different areas of the site.
    4. An integrated e-commerce shopping cart (which allows print subscription)
    5. An integrated e-commerce check-out system.
    6. Integrate a forum “within” the site itself.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Damilarenlana !
Thanks for reaching out to us!
1,2. Regarding to a completely different DW Focus and integration of an automated Advert placement by clients, we will discuss about the idea in the next version of the theme.
3,4,5,6: Currently, DW Focus theme is a news theme and we are not yet intended for changing it to an e-commerce WordPRess theme as you wanted

replied 10 years ago

Thanks … would look forward to your next version of the theme …

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