ckubs george
asked 8 years ago

Since I’ve come across DW Focus, almost a week, I noticed some things misssing and some bugs here and there, some of them posted in the dedicated topic. This theme has a lot of pottential and I see you have another project in the works but it would be bad to let it go.

  1. For start I don’t know if I’m the only one having this bug but on desktop modeThe post title and description from my slide are way off to the bottom, as you may see.

  2. When the theme is used with MTS Reviews plugin, a well known one already, it gives a serious bug. If the article has a review box, all it’s HTM is outputted raw in the about me section as you may see and I didn’t encountered that with any other theme.

  3. The fix to make archive thumbnails in list mode, same size at 230px width is good. But I guess they should behave the same way as the ones in grid mode. If I go mobile in grid mode the thumbnails go full width and look nice, the ones from list mode remain at 230px width.

And some small suggestions, if I may tell you:

  1. I kow you wanted to make the new DW Focus as fast as possible but it really needs some swipe implementation for the sliders. The main slider, in mobile mode can’t be controlled in any way. No swipe, no arrows, just some featured images that change at some point.

  2. You should bring back the settings for the accent colour and to change the fonts.

  3. Before the 1.2 update you had a nice view in the archive grid mode with the first article block being larger. I looked cool.

  4. The older News List( or category, how it was called) widget had the option to click on the subcategories and see the latest posts from that subcategories. I see it’s gone too, for speed concerns I guess. In that case you should update the plugin to have atlast a label coloured in the category accent colour, with the subcategory in front of the post titles.

  5. I hope the Mega Menu plugin is still on track. DW Focus really needs that feature back.

Thank you if you’ll read my post.

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Jackie Lord
answered 8 years ago

I’m really glad that DW Focus had your attention, all suggestions you shared are really helpful for us.

We have provided quick bug fixes and also added item that you mentioned in the new update DW Focus 1.2.5, including:

  • Title & Description of slide are way off to the bottom because of large image size. We have registered a new image size for this position. And you need re-generate the thumbnail (do this once only) to fix this issue
  • Tweak Post Thumbnails style in Archive Page when displaying as List
  • Adding swipe support to Carousel & Slider as you recommended
  • For the WP Review plugin, I have installed this plugin for testing. And it worked fine without any issue in the author description box. I didn’t used this plugin before so not sure how this section will be shown in other themes. Can you give me the screenshot of your website that displays this section with other theme for further checking.

For the rest suggestions & issues, we need more time to include in the next update of DW Focus.

replied 8 years ago

Since now, the news list widget doesn’t have the option anymore to click on subcategories and see the latest posts from that subcategories, this was my sugestion about the labels, to see the subcategory of each post.
I hope again the settings about the accent colour and font will come back with megamenu plugin.

About my issue, in any other theme I get the review box as it should but I don’t get the raw code of it outputted in the about me box. And I see, my old share plugin( my old theme didn’t had share buttons integrated) has also it’s raw code outputted in the about me box.

Maybe I’ll override that part of theme code in the child theme with this one from another theme that doesn’t output that issue ‘<?php the_author_meta(‘description’) ?>’

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