Marek Salurand
asked 9 years ago

I love the template, but i have some questions.

  1. How to remove / edit page title?
    at the moment it’s aligned left, but i’d like to align it in the center and for some pages i’d like to remove it.

  2. Can i have more than one posts page? For example i have 2 categories. One page for one and another page for another category.
1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@Marek Sularand :

  1. For the page title, to set the page title to aligned center, you can try this :
    open file style.css then add this code to the bottom of it : .page-header { text-align: center; }
    If some page need to remove the page title, then i think you can leave the title of that page or post blank.
    for mor information, we’are using .php file to display the page title. You can make it by changing one of this 2 files : dw-timelinetemplatesheader.php’ at line 135->137or dw-timeline\lib\titles.php, it’s up to your customization. our demo, the we have different page for different category. If that is not what you want , you can provide me more details about it/
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