asked 7 years ago

Thank you so much Anna..but one more thing how do I switch account on facebook?i’ve tried to log out the other one in safari then i’ve also tried to uninstall and install the facebook app but still same thing happens stickers doen’t show up on mine..but was on the other ??????..

replied 7 years ago

Hi Kim Conrad,

Since here we have the same problems without knowing why: We have 2 Facebook accounts that are in the same countries, same device but one can insert the Facebook stickers to posts, while the other cannot.

Like you, we’re so confused about it.

So here’s what we suggest: You can sign up with another Facebook account, then try to do as I guide in this post: It might work!

P/s: I really hope Mark Zuckerberg to add this cool feature to every account, in every part of the world as soon as possible.

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