Laszlo Varga
asked 9 years ago

Maybe I’ve met with a bug. If I set up Hot or Featured ribbon for a post I could not switch back to None. I checked the classes of the posts also and the posts has two “has-ribbon” classes.
Anyway I love this theme so I try to fix for myself that ribbon bug.

2 Answers
well wisher
answered 9 years ago

Hi that makes two of us (the love with wallpress thing as i use it on my site myself) and to resolve this issue just follow these simple steps go to editing the post that you want to change the ribbon for ,on the top right of the screen click on the screen options and check the custom checkbox now scroll down the page and find and delete one of the custom entry that has value featured or hot in ribbon now change the ribbon to your wish from the settings and click on update and that shouls work for you 🙂  

answered 9 years ago

Hello Laszlo ! 
If you wan to switch back to None, please remove the “ribbon hot” section in the Custom Fields area.
See the screenshot: Hope this helps !

Laszlo Varga
replied 9 years ago

Sorry for my answer was beeing late…
Thank you Dominic! It’s worked 🙂

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